Our Consulting Services

Virtual Office Plans

We can provide you with a virtual business address without the burden and associated expenses of a traditional office space. We provide an array of additional services to accommodate all types of businesses. A virtual office space with Execoncept Solutions may the solution your looking for.

We have floorplans and pricing available. Learn more.

Optional Additional Plans or Business Services

We have a full-service administrative staff as well as virtual offices and our mail services are available on a part–time or temporary basis. We can accommodate the occasional business meeting or conference call by providing meeting space for your needs.

We have pricing options to suit all business needs. Learn more.

Web Design Packages

Execoncept Solutions offers website design packages for all types of websites. Whether it be a personal website or a small business, Execoncept Solutions will help you come up with the perfect solution to establish a web presence or vamp up your existing site. You can select the package that best suits your needs. We have four different types of bargain websites.

Our package prices start as low as $300. Learn more.

Small Business Solutions

For larger organizations and businesses, web design or development teams can consist of hundreds of people. Smaller organizations may only require a single permanent contracting webmaster. We will assess your needs and develop a team or allocate an individual to manage your website, email, application and content.

Our package prices start as low as $600. Learn More.

Medium Business Solutions

Web design is the process of planning and creating a website. Text, images, media and interactive elements are used by web designers to produce the page seen on the web browser. For an e-business model to function, the website must be based on solid information design and planning.

Our package prices start as low as $1800. Learn more.

Large Business Solutions

By gathering requirements, conducting focus groups or interviewing employees, we can learn what capabilities and features they need to do their jobs. We will assess your company needs by reviewing workflow procedures to further understand the user requirements and your current business conditions. We will help your organization to identify the constraints, such as budget, that may impact your purchases.

Our prices start as low as $3600. Learn more.

Website Maintenance Solutions

Our web maintenance services are reliable, fast, professional and affordable. No project is too small. We offer both subscription and pay-as-you-go packages. If you are dissatisfied with your current online presence we can redesign and maintain your current website.

Our package prices start as low as $50 per hour. Learn more.

Content Management System Solutions

A Content Management System is used to control a dynamic collection of Web material, including HTML documents, images, and other forms of media. A CMS facilitates document control, auditing, editing, and timeline management.

Our package prices start as low as $2400. Learn more.

E-Commerce Solutions

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-comm, e-commerce, ecommerce, or eCommerce, refers to the buying and selling of products or services over the Internet and other networks.

Our package prices start as low as $1800. Learn more.

Social Media Solutions

Execoncept Solutions is dedicated to helping small business owners and organizations establish themselves in social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We provide each business owner with the professional image their company needs throughout their social community.

Our package prices start as low as $120. Learn more.

Search Engine Maintenance Services

Execoncept Solutions offers affordable monthly SEO maintenance plans. We are experts in search engine optimization and we offer our services as a simple monthly package. We use the latest in web tools to diagnose your site and help to build your organic search engine rank and optimization level.

Our package prices start as low as $240. Learn more.

Marketing Design Services

Marketing Materials are promotional and/or informational materials used to sell your services. These are the written pieces that communicate to your prospects and customers. Every company needs printed pieces that do a careful and well thought out job of presenting its products and services.

Our marketing design package prices start as low as $75. Learn more.

Advertising Solutions

A Web Banner or Banner Ad is a form of advertising on the Web. The Universal Ad Package (UAP) is a set of four ad sizes that all compliant publishers have agreed to support for Internet advertising. In our standard web marketing package, Execoncept Solutions will supply you with all four standard plus one additional size of your choice. Our Animated Banners are available in these sizes.

Our advertising package prices start as low as $25 per ad. Learn more.

Logo Design Solutions

Designing a logo can be a daunting task. There are so many factors that have to be taken into account when choosing a logo design. Don't be fooled by the lowest prices advertised for custom logo design companies. If you value your
time and care for quality, come to the professionals!

Our logo design package prices start as low as $180. Learn more.

Custom Color Schemes, Graphics and Branding

If your organization already has a logo, we can create a website that matches your brand. If you don't know what you want in terms of style for your website, don't worry, one of our web design specialist will be happy to work with you to customize your web site and brand identity across the board.

Please take a moment to look at some of our available options for colors, site layouts, textures and textiles. For fonts, we will match existing or use a legible, W3C Standard font. For cross-browser compatibility, we suggest choosing your custom fonts from open fonts.

If you already have something in mind that you would like to see, please don't hesitate in sharing that idea with us. We want to make sure we capture your organization's look and feel. Contact Mark to start the design process.