Technical Support

By combining executive suites, virtual offices, remote receptionists, mailboxes, administrative support and state-of-the art conference rooms with "a prestigious address," Execoncept Solutions continually strives to create the best office lifestyles.

Information Technology Department Protocol

We realize that there may be times when your ammenities are not working due to technical issues or you may have new employees or staff changes that require the addition of another phone line, office or conference room scheduling credentials. We would like to service your requests as promptly as possible.

The Information Technology Department has asked for everyone to please provide a realistic DUE DATE on all requests sent to the email support address or use our support contact form. New requests, that are not affecting productivity, will have a minimum 48 hour turn-around time unless written authorization from the Systems Administrator (Joseph Mituzas) is obtained.

In order to maintain a consistent stream of productivity and effectiveness and fully operational workplace environment, your cooperation to this request is critical. We understand that sometimes client requests do not always allow much turn around time, and with this we ask that you please ask them what their due date is. As soon as you know you will have a request — send it — don’t wait until it is due as we will not be able to process it in time. Get it scheduled. This will help us to better assess your situation when scheduling requests to be completed.

To Submit Your IT Request Simply Send an Email Following this Procedure:

  • The subject of your request email should be in the format: Company Name, Suite Number
    Please make the email subject as descriptive as possible, when we are looking at titles that are no more information than "important", "critical", "new services" or "phone" we are not able to quickly identify what the task is related to and it may not be serviced properly.
  • Please be as specific as possible and include all details. This allows us to get the job done faster.
  • Requests will be scheduled in accordance to the most critical matter to those of a lesser priority; this will be done by looking at all requests across the organization.
  • It is asked that you please provide a "realistic" due date for your request. In most cases you will have a working window of 7 or more days for internal completion.
  • We know that some requests need an immediate turn around — these requests will only be processed in time with proper written authorization.
  • Your request MUST include a due date and a suite number or it WILL be returned.
  • If you need to inquire about a ticket, do not send another email as it will open another ticket, instead please "reply" using the automated confirmation email you received after originally opening the ticket. This email will already have the title you provided in the subject line for easy reference. You can also send additional information by replying to the confirmation email.
  • Do not "CC" your request to anyone in IT, we already have it, this clutters our mailboxes and interrupts our workflow process.
  • Do not call or visit IT team members directly to submit a request or for a status update. The IT team needs to stay focused and interruptions hurt productivity. The requests we are working on are scheduled and we will not perform work out of process. Every IT request MUST be logged in our system before work is performed.
  • Anything that prevents you from being productive will be serviced ASAP.
  • Administrative Services and IT Support Services Available, please see our brochures below.
  • Email, Web Site and Graphic Design Service Packages Available, please see our brochures below.

We thank you in advance for you adherence to this procedure!

Additional Services

Phone Support

Execoncept Solutions telephone service is supported by Phonebooth. We need atleast 2 weeks notice to add a line, change existing line to our system, or to add an extension. You will be required to set up voicemail and understand how the phone works. We have provided a reference guide for using your phone and setting up voicemail. If you have any issues that are technical please submit a request. Learn more.

Conference Room

The conference room is available by using the Client Services Portal Login, below. We are providing a simple how to for setting up an appointment for the conference room. If you are a client, you will have access credentials provided to you. We will make sure that all technology such as phone line, web cam or computer access is available for your meeting prior to the event as long as you set your appointment via our scheduler below.

Full-Service Administrative Staff, IT Support, & Web Design Services

We have a full-service administrative staff as well as virtual offices and our mail services are available on a part–time or temporary basis. We can accommodate the occasional business meeting or conference call by providing meeting space for your needs. Please contact us to find out more information about pricing and services. We have pricing options to suit all business needs. Learn more.